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This is Dylan Mersola reporting for with This weeks M News. A Tragic shooting this week, killing 26 people after a man walks into a church and open fires. This brings up the question, should the U.S. ban guns? Gun enthusiast Joe Genoways says this. “Joe”

Former All-Star pitcher Roy Halladay crashed his plane off the Gulf of Mexico and perished. The 40-year-old former professional baseball player was flying his plane alone when it went down. Baseball fan Elliott Conover says this. “Elliott”

Also in baseball news this week. The 2017 World Series, was a world wind of emotions for Los Angels Dodger fans and Houston Astros fans. The Astros come out on top after a close game 7. LA Dodger fan Mitch Kellogg says. “Mitch”

This was this weeks news here on the M News.