In-Class Anecdote

November 28, 2017 | | Comments Off on In-Class Anecdote

When describing Elliott Conover only one word comes to mind, competitive.This college baseball player and all-around nice guy might surprise some people on how competitive he is. Off the field, Elliott has lots of friends and is liked by many of his teachers, but when he gets on the mound he turns into a different person. He knows how to walk on the field and change from his nice guy mentality, into a win at all coast bull dog. Elliott says “I hate loosing more than I like winning”.


A baseball pitcher might seem like a crazy person when he steps on the mound, but that is only because of its one on one situation. It is just the pitcher against the hitter up there. The mound can be a very lonely place at times. That being said Elliott is a nice guy, that is not afraid to be completive when the time presents itself and that is why he is so successful.


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