This news report is newsworthy because it is important to know the details and policies of Amber Alerts. Although there is a series of events that must take place prior to actually sending out the Amber Alert, it should still be sent out in a timely matter. The issue they had with the new systems delay in delivering all the Amber Alerts out to cell phones could’ve cost someone their life. Amber Alerts are amazing in the respect that they can get a message out everywhere almost instantly when there aren’t any glitches.
Regarding the policies, having to be under 18 years of age in order for an alert to be sent out seems too young. They should move it up to at least 21, being it could help save a lot more lives. The other policies make sense, of course law enforcement needs to confirm the facts prior to sending out an Amber Alert to everyone.
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walking campus

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When walking around campus looking for someone to talk to I found myself outside of Eplee Center.


I saw a man walking towards me, I had no idea who this man was but I knew I had to get his autograph for this assignment. I walked up to him and asked him for his name and his autograph. The look on his face was pure confusion, so I assured him I was not some weird guy asking him for his autograph  and told him it was for my class. So he said his name was Devan and gave my his signature.


For my second mission of the day, I had to ask a total stranger what their pet peeve was. With no luck outside Eplee Center I decided to walk back to class. When walking back I saw a guy on his phone. I interrupted his texting and asked him about his pet peeve. Without a second passing he said “when someone drags their feet walking drives me crazy”.

This news report is very newsworthy because lately there is nothing but negative videos and advertisements displaying graphic images and horrible events going on around the world and it’s about time something is done about it! Facebook’s audience includes everyone, including children, and this particular subject is something Facebook has been dealing with for a few years now. Facebook is supposed to be a “safe place” to connect with friends and family, not a place brainwashing us with disgusting news content. Facebook’s new rules any regulations should have gone into effect a long time ago.
“We are not censoring their content; as long as it abides by our community standards, the content can run on the platform,” Ms. Everson said. The new guidelines are much needed and hopefully will be able to fully monitor what content is fead onto peoples newsfeed from here on out. 
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Four students went sailing off the coast of Florida when the 16-foot catamaran capsized leaving one dead.

After being stranded through the night, they decided to swim for shore. When swimming to shore one student was attacked by a shark and killed. The other students tried to help but it was no use, they were to far from shore. It took the rest of the students six more hours to reach the land.

When safely on the ground the students were taken to the hospital for further evaluation.





United Airlines plain crashed at Chicago’s Second City Airport killing 55 people.


The plain was carrying 61 people on it, including Rep. George W. Collins. The deputy fire marshal was at the crash and said his crew found most of the 55 passengers dead in the debris of the Boeing 737.

Fast moving fires pummeled through the Verdugo mountains effecting multiple cities… La Crescenta, Glendale, Sun Valley and Burbank – starting on Friday morning.

Burbank and Glendale Fire Departments teamed up with the Los Angeles County Fire Department to help stop this record breaking fire. Hundreds of people were forced to evacuate their homes, in fear they might be in danger. Evacuation shelters were set up in Sunland and Burbank for those who had nowhere to go.


This wild fire moved and grew very quickly, taking over more than 7,000 acres of land in the shortest amount of time making it the largest fire in Los Angeles history! Eventually destroying three houses and damaging one. Hundreds of fire fighters battled these flames all through the weekend, leaving at least two firemen affected from heat exhaustion.


The Los Angeles Times stated that California Gov. Jerry Brown issued a state of emergency for Los Angeles County on Sunday due to the ongoing La Tuna wildfire along with 2 other Northern California counties where fires have continued to burn thousands of acres all together. The cause of these fires are all still under investigation until further notice.


This fire came at the worst time of the year and during the hottest weekend Los Angeles has had in a long time, with temperatures reaching 106. Many are wondering why this fire spread like it did, along with all the other horrendous events going on across the United States, and if “global warming” has anything to do with it. There are several ingredients required for wildfires and climate is one of them.

1 draft

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Fast moving fires pummeled through Burbank and La Crescenta area on Sunday morning. These wild fires had taken over 5,000 acres of land, and have destroyed three houses and damaged one.

Burbank and Glendale has teamed up with the LA county fire department to help stop this record breaking fire. Many people have been evacuated from their homes, in fear they might be in danger.

Hundreds of fire fighters have been battling these flames all through the night and into the following day. Two fire men have suffered heat exhaustion so far. “At one point the flames were moving in four different directions at once”

Over two hundred people were evacuated from their homes. A evacuation shelter was set up in Sunland, for the people with no where to go. Many people left the city of Burbank due to the horrible air quality. This is the biggest fire in LA history.

The La Tuna fire shut down the 210 freeway. The 210 freeway is no stranger to fires though, it seems as if this freeway is shut down every few years due to a fire.

“Los Angeles Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas said at 5 p.m. that the fire had spread to about 500 acres, and dozens of firefighters were working on the ground to halt the forward progress of the flames.”

This brush fire has came at maybe the worst time of the year. The fire started right in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures reaching as high as 106. CNN says this “California Gov. Jerry Brown issued a state of emergency for Los Angeles County on Sunday due to the ongoing La Tuna brush fire near Burbank.”



Local Hero Saves Cat

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Local hero finds himself in a challenging situation when saving a cat stuck in a 50 foot oak tree.


Fire station received a call from the Decker family about their cat being stuck in a tree. Local fire fighter Bob Harwood comes to the rescue. Harwood climbs 50 feet into the oak tree. After recuing the cat Harwood starts climbing down a tree. About half down the tree, a limb breaks and Harwood falls 15 feet.


Harwood falls and hits the ground breaking his leg. Safe to say Harwood will be just fine, and the cats doing great as well.

Baseball Players with an Apple Watch

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CNBC covered a story this week about the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. This story was about the Red Sox using an Apple Watch to relay stolen signs from the Yankees to their players. This is a hard one because the game of baseball states it is legal to steal the other teams signs, but you can not use technology of any kind. So you can not use cameras, binoculars, and in this case an Apple Watch. The Red Sox then go on to say that they suspected the Yankees of using the home team cameras to steal the Red Sox signs as well. This story seems to be a lot of he said, she said. CNBC did a good job covering this story. They did not take sides in any way. CNBC just covered the facts, even though this does not seem very news worthy to me.

Shoe Deal

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LaMelo Ball might not be eligible to play for UCLA. Yahoo Sports talks about how the Ball brand might be getting in the way of LaMelo’s future. The 16-year-old kid is coming out with his own shoe brand which doesn’t break any high school rules as long as he doesn’t use his high school name in the advertising. Yet, college has different rules. You cannot profit off of your name while playing college sports. This could not only ruin his free ride to college but ruin LaMelo’s dream to one-day play in the NBA with his older brother Lonzo Ball. This article did a great job at just giving the facts and not taking a side.

the man the myth the legend

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The man, the myth, the legend Elliott Conover is a Morningside baseball star. Elliott is starting his junior year with hopes to one day acquire a job in advertising. He is a graphic design major with a lot of talent. Although Elliott is a talented baseball player, he grew up playing all kinds of sports. In high school Elliott played football, golf, track, basketball, and of course baseball. When Elliott isn’t dominating the mound, he loves to draw, beat his friends in video games, and he also loves to cook for his girlfriend. Elliott comes from Remsen, a small town in Iowa. He has two brothers and one sister. When finishing up the interview with Elliott, he told me if he was ever stranded on an island with only one person and only one type of food he would  be with Jim Carry eating corn dogs.