Let the chaos begin!

An armed robbery took place last night at Bj’s Drug. The Owner, Barney Joseph Jr, was held at gun point by a man wearing a ski mask, while another took nearly 400 dollars from the register. According to local authorities, Joseph keeps a loaded pistol beneath the counter, but chose not to use it. Bj’s Drug was robbed 25 years earlier, while Joseph’s father, Barney Joseph Sr, was still the proprietor. Joseph Sr. resisted, and subsequently lost his life. Joseph Jr felt that because of this, it was unwise to reach for the gun. “Yes, Dad resisted I guess. Anyway, they found him shot to death, his own gun in his hand, and a bullet in the stores ceiling. I’d part with my money than my life”.

Joseph was not harmed during the robbery, which he said ended in less than a minute.

Suffolk Downs

At 4am this morning fire officials were called to a Barn fire, suspected to be arson. Although no people were harmed, 25 horses were stabled there. 15 died, and 10 escaped although seriously burned. Dan Bucci, the assistant general manager of the track stated “It could have been incendiary nature because it started in the middle of the barn, not at the end. The only heaters and electrical outlets were in the track rooms at the ends of the barn”.  Jim Connery, the fire chief adds that he feels the fire is suspicious as well “The fire exploded near the center of the barn. Flames were shooting out of the building when we got here. The fire is definitely suspicious.”

Albert Ramos, a jockey who boards his horse at the stable was also present. “That’s my best friends,” he said pointing to a surviving horse. “I love horses more than I do people. I feel like I want to cry”. Though no human lives were lost, it was a very emotional day for everyone involved, and all horses who lost their lives due to this fire will be deeply missed.

September 20th, 2010 at 7:41 pm

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      Fuglsang says:

    Paragraphs, Courtney.

    Combine the first couple of sentences of Gun into one lead: Two armed men in ski masks robbed BJ’s drug last night while holding the owner at gunpoint.

    In Downs, the fact firemen were called to a fire isn’t news. The 15 dead horses, or the possibility of arson would be more interesting.

    The last sentence would be cut by editors, COurtney, simply because it’s not the news media’s job to offer sympathies. Sometimes you will see TV anchors do this, but that’s a bit different.