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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Vegans/Vegetarians on Campus!

Morningside College has been progressive in the Green movement, and is chock full helpful professors, as well as boasts an open minded student body. It is safe to say that anybody could feel at home at Morningside College. However, there is a growing community at Morningside College: the Vegan and Vegetarian community. So this leaves a question: is the kitchen staff as progressive and open minded as the professors and student body?

Many people do not know that there is a difference between a Vegan, and a Vegetarian. A Vegetarian does not eat meat, however being a vegan is quite different. Vegans do not eat any meat, dairy, or animal by-products. The Vegan motto is “If it can look back at you – do not eat it or anything that comes from it” – an anonymous quote. So it was of major concern to see if the kitchen the staff on campus was aware of that difference. So obviously, the first person interviewed would be the campus Executive chef.

Casey Benton has been the executive chef at Morningside for two years. When asked if he was familiar with Veganism and Vegetarianism, and was he aware there was a difference, Benton replied “Yes, very familiar with the effect of being either of these two- I do know the difference”.  Mr. Benton also mentioned that it is important for all students to have a meal plan on campus, and that for every lunch and dinner he prepares a vegan/vegetarian meal, and that if a student needs something special, to let him know! Chef Casey is very Vegan and food allergen friendly, and Shiran Nathaniel would agree, and was happy to help set up the interview. The Cafeteria however, isn’t the only Vegan friendly spot on campus – the “Spoonholder Café” is possibly one of the most Vegan friendly spots on campus.

When visiting Nancy Boyle, “Spoon Holder Café” manager, she was as always, extremely happy to help, and went as far as letting me see her food rotation menu! They rotate food items regularly, but always have something available ranging from: Fruit Cups, Veggie Cups, natural potato chips, Kind Bars, Icy fruit smoothies, teas, and they are willing to substitute soy milk in any of their coffees! Nancy always says “Happy to help! We try to have something for everyone!” and she definitely takes that to a whole new level every day. With the abundance of food options for the Vegan Student at the food spots on campus, we wouldn’t have to cook for ourselves at all, unless of course we wanted to! Vegan student Nicole Raphael is a wonderful example of a Vegan Chef, and she offered a couple of websites that anyone could use to grab an easy recipe from.




Morningside College was and remains a progressive campus, both in spirit and in action. Whether it is accommodating a Vegan student, or Tom Gilbert not resting until our cafeteria serves cage free eggs, we are at front line of progressive philosophy, and will never cease making an example to other colleges all around the world.

October 14th, 2010 at 3:07 am

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