Let the chaos begin!

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, its an old saying but the old saying holds true to Miranda Christian. At first glance Miranda may seem to be just another kid at college on an athletic grant. At second glance however – Miranda got a 32 on her ACT.

Hailing from Denver Colorado, she’s come to Iowa to play volley ball, but more importantly, pursue her dream to be a sports Broadcaster. Miranda transferred from Iowa Western, and also maintains a 4.0 while playing for Morningside’s volley ball team. When asked if she had any advice for incoming freshmen Miranda quickly replied “Go to class, do your work, and you’ll be fine”.  With a bright future, and a golden work ethic, nothing holds Miranda back, and she remains a dedicated athlete, a astute student, and a star role model for incoming freshmen.

-Courtney Brown-

August 27th, 2010 at 7:48 pm

4 Responses to “Introducing……………Miranda Christian!!! <3”
  1. 1
      fuglsang says:

    What happens if you turn this upside down, Courtney, and begin with “role model”? Would you then use the same details, or would you ask different questions?

  2. 2
      Courtney says:

    I have no idea….but its a wonderful idea.

  3. 3
      Fuglsang says:

    This is what I was trying to explain in class: begin with your conclusion, then choose the description that would best communicate that idea. Also, which questions to ask.

  4. 4
      Courtney says:

    I almost don’t think I understand…..I don’t typically write for the media. We might have to go over this again – typically I write with a interesting beginning, then go to my conclusion. How do I start with my conclusion? Man I have a lot to learn!