August 15, 2011

The title of this entry pretty much sums up my thoughts right now….OUCH!  I just finished run #2 in my new shoes after 3 days off from the first run (and looking like perhaps another 2-3 days until my next).  I went about 2 miles with a break in between mile 1 and 2 to stop at my gym to do some upper body lifting.  Getting back into the run after lifting was tough.  My calves were (and still are) so tight and sore I would let out an audible grunt each time I went from a walk to a run.  I think I also probably looked like a person trying to run in diving flippers because that was my basic form for about 5 strides until my calves would settle down a bit.

What is different in this run vs. my previous runs is that it was the pain that kept me from running – not being out of breath which is more often the case.  So I know that it is just the adjustment to this new running style – firming up muscles that have been long under used. I do have to say that I am still not comfortable in the new style.  I fee awkward and a little clumsy and of course there is the pain.  But I will defeat this pain and (hopefully) become a runner with more endurance.

I have decided that I will begin training for a race in October.  It is actually a 4 mile trail run so I will need to get out to some trails when I have overcome this initial leg pain from the shoes to practice running through trails again (it’s been a LONG time since Jr. High cross-country!).  But it looks like a fun little run through a local park…plus it is a run/walk so for me win/win.

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