I am Dr. Kim Christopherson a professor in the psychology department at Morningside College.  My professional interests include researching the use of technology to help enhance learning in college classrooms, but I have several other interests including learning styles, working memory, goal orientation, and transfer of learning.  I teach regularly courses in general psychology, developmental psychology, professional psychology skills, cognitive psychology, experimental psychology, and statistics.  On a less regular basis I have taught abnormal psychology.

My personal interests include cooking and good food, gardening, outdoor activities, reading, and music including playing piano and trying to learn acoustic guitar.

I intend this blog to be primarily of professional interest to myself, but I also write about the life of a junior faculty member at a small private liberal arts college and about some of my personal life.  I hope you find this blog of interest.  I do not tend to update regularly,  but I have every intention of being more consistent that I have in the past.

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