It has been a while since I have last written just on myself here.  The past few weeks have been busy and fulfilling for the most part.  Today was a day of putting out many fires, but everything coming out well in the end.  I also think today was a good day to sit back and reflect on what it is I often to day to day and I found that even though today was hectic and I often was a bit disorganized, it was a day that showed well why I truly love my job.

So let me count the ways (things that happened just this week):

  1. I get great ideas for new ways to highlight student scholarship from colleagues I don’t expect it from.
  2. Students when asked to take on a mighty task come through beautifully and professionally.
  3. Watching my students in experimental psych tackle their data, see how much work it is, the frustrations that come with easy mistakes that are made, and yet also feel the anticipation of knowing if their data mean anything (significant results).
  4. Also, having one of those ‘really good classes’ that is fun to teach and interact with the students.
  5. Listening to students in the library work together on constructing an argumentative paper and taking it really seriously.
  6. Seeing how much faculty care about their student’s work and fighting to be sure that their student’s work is presented in the appropriate manner.
  7. Reading a colleague’s manuscript draft on an area totally outside my own and being absolutely fascinated by the topic and the thesis.
  8. Critical discussion between faculty on issues of courses and student designed majors.  Items that, in the past, may have been passed due to  apathy were energetically debated.
  9. Watching students that were freshmen when I started here 4 years ago, prepare for graduation, receive departmental awards, and get ready to go to grad school or start their new jobs.
  10. Working with faculty who really care about student success, experience, development, mentorship, etc. etc.

I’m sure there are more instances….but honesty it is 4:10 on a Friday afternoon, I have no meetings or classes left.

Signing off!