As the month of August approaches I get a very familiar feeling within myself…giddiness.  Ever since I was a 6 year old I have always been excited for the first day of school.  I have to honestly say it is probably one of my favorite days of the year.  Things have certainly changed from when I was in grade school to college to graduate school to now professor, but the underlying reasons for my giddiness are quite the same.

  1. I get to buy some new school clothes and supplies.
  2. I get to learn about all sorts of new things over the next year
  3. I get to see all my friends that I have not seen much over the summer
  4. I get to meet all the new people coming to school

Yes I have been made fun of for the way I feel about the first day of school, but I do not believe that I am in any minority when it comes to people who are in the same business as I am.  I love that I have not had to give up this special day as I have grown up into a well-functioning and responsible adult with a job.  Academia is great in that there is a definite pattern to the year and each year often feels like a new start.

So in a few weeks I will once again be saying hello to good friends (colleagues and student alike) enjoying great conversations over good food and drink (or at least cheap food an drink on some occasions!) and once again getting to talk about and teach the subject that I love!  I have a feeling that this is going to be a great year (I usually have that feeling, and it is usually true!) and I feel that I am truly blessed to have found a career that I truly love and frankly am sometimes astonished that they actually pay me to do this!

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