So yet another blog for me to update.  I have one other blog right now that is mostly me just describing my experiences in life, but perhaps I can use this blog to publish some of my more professional thoughts, experiences, and ruminations.

Let’s start with rumination #1:  Working in a world of ideas!

I absolutely love the job that I have.  I have always been that odd person that would ask questions that probably did not have an answer (yet).  I love bouncing around possibly solutions to complex problems or creative ways of looking at an issue.  I enjoy speculating on the causes of events, often contradicting myself in the process.  Working within a college allows me such freedom to ask questions like this of others and what is even more great is that my colleagues here love to think about ideas as well.

I have learned that this way of thinking about the world is probably not the norm.  In my own family, I find that when I ask weird and complex questions about topics that are sort of off base, I often will get a funny look or the simple response of “I don’t know!  Why would you even ask a question like that?”  And then the fun ends…

I have always been a very curious person.  I am a skeptic at heart often looking for other explanations for events or ideas.  This approach can often frustrate others.  It seems that I am always against them, when in reality I am just thinking of the possible alternatives.  I am a believer that you can fully entertain and think about an idea without actually subscribing to the position that you are taking.

This is why I love my job.  I am paid to get others to think about ideas in ways that they may not have otherwise.  I also am in a field where ideas are put to the test empirically.

So this is my first post.  I hope that I am able to better update this blog than I have others in the past.

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