All I have to say about this story is its about time!  Finally some common sense is being displayed in Oakland.  For all of Nnamdi Asomugha’s career, he has been restricted to the right half of the field, and he’s been great there don’t get me wrong.  He shut down that entire side of the field for years now.  But teams easily found ways to exploit this by throwing only to other side of field and out of Asomugha’s reach.  Now though, by moving Asomugha around the field, this will surely cause team’s fit’s.  Especially this weekend when the Raider’s will take on rookie quarterback Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams.   Last week Bradford threw the ball more than 50 times in his first start of his career.  If Asomugha moves all the over the field he’ll be sure to confuse Bradford and more than likely force a turnover or two.  It’s a sure test for the rookie taking on one of the best cornerback’s in the league.  I’m interested to see how the Raider’s will respond from the thumping that the Titan’s put on them last week as well. 

2 Responses to “Finally Some Common Sense In Raider Nation”

  1.   Fuglsang Says:

    News value? Is this news only for fantasy football players?

  2.   Jordan Says:

    As a player of fantasy football, I find that statement offensive Ross. If you played fantasy football, you would know that individual defensive players (such as Aso) do not apply. Whereas Bradford’s value (rarely owned in most leagues) will not have any significant change. In other words, this story has nothing to do with fantasy football, ergo you should play fantasy football, Ross.