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Opening weekend of college football.  What more is there to say?  It’s what fans and students and everyone around the country has been waiting for for nearly 8 months now.  Fans have been waiting to see whether Alabama can repeat this year.  Can Tim Tebow be replaced at Florida, or Colt McCoy at Texas?  But in Sioux City the focus isn’t the Gator’s or the Longhorns, it’s the Morningside Mustangs.  After falling to Sioux Falls in the Quarterfinals last year, many fans wonder what will this year bring for the Mustangs?  As the leaves begin to change and the weather turns, the anticipation begins to build, and build, and build higher with each day coming closer to the opening kickoff.  Game time isn’t until 7 P.M., the only night game on the Mustang’s schedule, but the most dedicated of fans are already tailgating at 1.  The hot dogs and brats are being fired up on the grills.  The pop and beer are flowing and doing their best to satisfy the best of fans until the opening kickoff.  Footballs are being tossed around on a perfectly clear day.  No breeze, no clouds, temperature close to 70 degrees, how can things get any better people ask.  The parking lot is starting to fill up and its only 3 o’clock, cars are jam-packed in the stadium lot already, now the tennis court is starting to fill up and people are firing up their grills from over there now.  Doane’s football team arrives around 3 and immediately files off the bus and head straight to Elwood Olsen Stadium to start warming up.

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