A two car accident led to the death of one man and the injuries of three people just two miles east of Sioux City on Hwy 20.  Moyer Quick was passing a truck but rear ended the vehicle sending both vehicles into the ditch with Quick’s car rolling over once.  Moyer died at the scene, Randy Radin was the driver of the truck with two other passenger’s in the vehicle.  Dorothy Quick, 61, South Sioux, and Maxine Steurerwald, 43, of Lawton were transported to Marian Health Center where their condition’s were listed as “good” and “fair”.  Radin was in more serious condition with a fractured skull and internal  injuries he is listed as “critical”.  The accident is still under investigation, but there are no leads as to why or how Quick rear ended Radin’s truck.

One Response to “1 Dead and 3 Injured in 2 Car Accident”

  1.   Fuglsang Says:

    OK, Cory, though your lead — somone is dead — needs to be followed by the name of the deceased. Then you can tell me how it happened.

    Verbs: A South Sioux man DIED and three people WERE injured yesterday in a two-car accident on HWY 20.

    A good shot. Don’t forget paragraphs.