East High Principle Laura Vibelius reported earlier today that a false fire alarm was sounded three times last Wednesday.  Disgruntled students seem to be the main culprits in the alarm’s being sounded.  The students were all upperclassmen who were protesting the Monday suspension of five students who were suspended for smoking marijuana in the school parking lot.  The students have all been reprimanded and have been suspended for one week.

Principle Vibelius also commented on some more general unrest at East High.  A classic food fight in the cafeteria on Tuesday closed the caf down for the down.  Vibelius made these comments on the food fight, ” Not so much unrest becaue of suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near.”  Vibelius says that she doesn’t see any continuation of these “incedents” in the near future.

One Response to “Disgruntled Students Sound False Fire Alarm in Protest of Suspensions”

  1.   Fuglsang Says:

    I think I would suggest combining the first sentences of the two grafs: The East High principal reported general unrest at the school this week. Then explain what kind of unrest was displayed.

    Vibelius’ announcement isn’t so much the news; what she said is more important.