It’s the typical story line:  Cat gets stuck in a tree, and firefighter climbs the tree and saves the day.  If only that was the case for firefighter Bob Harwood. Twin sister’s, Suzanne and Samantha Decker, were playing in the front yard when they heard a cat meowing and crying for help in a tall oak tree.  Knowing that the Decker’s were the only family on the block with a calico cat, the twins knew that it was their beloved kitten that was stuck in the tree.  911 was immediately dialed and a firefighter squad quickly arrived on the scene.

Senior firefighter, Bob Harwood, climbed 50 feet up the oak tree and managed to retrieve the kitten.  All seemed well with the cat in safe hands.  Climbing down the tree, Harwood stepped on a dead limb which broke and he and the cat immediately fell to the ground 15 feet below.  Harwood broke his left leg and was immediately take to St. Luke’s Hospital where he is doing “just fine” said St. Luke’s officials.  The cat is doing just fine as it landed safely on Harwood’s chest and managed to remain unscathed.

One Response to “Firefighter Breaks Leg Saving Cat”

  1.   Fuglsang Says:

    The lead has promise, but be VERY careful of making stuff up. Remember our discussion of observation versus inference. The second graf is better than the first; it’s based on what you know from the facts.