A Texaco gasoline truck overturned on the outskirts of town early yesterday with gasoline flooding from the truck.  Gas flooded out of the truck and flowed right into sewer lines for two blocks around 48th Street and Correctionville Road and several other streets and ditches.  Police and firefighters rerouted cars through side streets for nearly 2 hours while the gas was being flushed away.  Four families were forced to evacuate their homes because of sewer-line gas.  Fire Chief Charles Hochandel says gives credit to the men’s training for the quick clean up, “The firemen followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up before hand for just such an occurence.”

One Response to “Gasoline Truck Overturns and Threatens Population”

  1.   Fuglsang Says:

    OK, but end the first sentence at yesterday. No need to repeat “flooding.”

    Paragraphs, Cory. You’ll hear that a lot from me. One idea to a paragraph.

    Otherwise a good organization of info.