Crotching Tiger Hidden Dragon

In the movie everyone spoke politely and with well body expression.  The mother tried to explain to the mercenary that it is pretty embarrassing for one of the families to have something stolen from their own house.  Another example of a message that was delievered was from the female mercenary to the younger girl about to get married.  She displayed the importance that the thief will be caught soon with the male mercenary on the case and the murder brought to justice.  The female mercenary also gave a kind of body message by dropping the cup of tea and the younger girl caught it and put it right back in her hand.  As if she already knew they little girl was the thief but she did not speak out against her in front of anyone and probably only wanted to do it privately.  Another message that was displayed was the head master speaking to the mercenaries about the incident in private.  The male after listening to the talk took it in himself to find the killer and bring him/her to justice because it was a policemen.


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  1. “Crouching, not crotching” Very funny, actually.

    You are on track. The female mercenary is telling the girl that she knows the girl took the sword and that in order to avoid a major catastrophe, the girl needs to return it. The girl is also told how serious the situation is when it is revealed that the person who was killed was a police officer. Interestingly, all this info is conveyed in casual conversation between the female mercenary and the girl’s mother.

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