Lord of War Review

Throughout the movie the main character Yuri was a black market weapons salesmen that is what his business is.  He was a great negotiator with opposite party he was a quick thinker and able to problem solve very quickly.  In his first sale the consumer almost shot and killed him but by Yuri’s quick thinking he promised the consumer future opportunities of buying weapons.  Yuri also saw the opportunity in bribing other parties such as when he bribed the U.S. general for the old or “second rate weapons” so that he could sell them to other armies.  Two principles that helped him succeed as a international business was he knew the language and parts of the culture.  He even understood when and where to bribe someone.  He bribed guards at the Chinese border as well as his very special friend in the Russian army for his in depth clutches of Russian weapons and even vehicles.  Although money is key all around the world Yuri understood U.S. dollars is not the main way of currency.  He took all types of money according to the country he was doing business in.  He accepted six kilos of cocaine because I believe he was in Cuba doing business with a drug lord.  Yuri did have a knack for sales but he did face some problems doing business internationally.  He faced trade embargo’s where his weapons had to be checked or by some quick thinking and a small amount of bribery he got past them and in the end made the sale.  He knew his products he was selling and knew the international weapons customs such as when he had to change paperwork and the overall product itself to meet the standard.  One example of this was when he made the engineer do some quick modifications to the Russian helicopters by taking off all weapons attachments and claiming they were being sold as quick rescue response or medical aid.  He did face deals that became so clouded by the characteristics that the deal became in some cases violent. He even had to partly accept a bribe from doing good business from a warlord in Africa.  He accepted it until he got into the room with two women then denied it by kicking them out.  Another main problem Yuri faced was competing business.  Through his contacts and contracts he had doing business with some people they took care of his competing business by eliminating them all together.  Although Yuri was a corrupt salesmen he was very successful.

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  1. I totally agree with you but shouldn’t there be more principles? He is the “lord of war.” I think there would maybe be one or more for principles like being cunning.

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