NASA and Speaker

I went to the speaker to his last session of the day on Friday.  I believe he had very valid points and did give good examples or evidence behind the points he tried to get across.  I think his most prevalent aspect of his speech was to take chances and to always try and challenge yourself while within a business.  He discussed if u want to move up in a business you need to challenge yourself otherwise you will be in the same position forever.  It was very interesting that he did business in many different organizations like people magazine.  He said that although that he had no experience with the new subject or job that needed to be done the ability to learn quickly and the education in that field made him successful.  In his speech he did make it important that jobs are all over and the ability to move to take a job is a big decision.  While talking about NASA since that speaker didn’t show up till the end the information given was only videos but did seem captivating because they were expanding beyond governmental control and into more private organizations with more chances to collect money to expand.

Lord of War Review

Throughout the movie the main character Yuri was a black market weapons salesmen that is what his business is.  He was a great negotiator with opposite party he was a quick thinker and able to problem solve very quickly.  In his first sale the consumer almost shot and killed him but by Yuri’s quick thinking he promised the consumer future opportunities of buying weapons.  Yuri also saw the opportunity in bribing other parties such as when he bribed the U.S. general for the old or “second rate weapons” so that he could sell them to other armies.  Two principles that helped him succeed as a international business was he knew the language and parts of the culture.  He even understood when and where to bribe someone.  He bribed guards at the Chinese border as well as his very special friend in the Russian army for his in depth clutches of Russian weapons and even vehicles.  Although money is key all around the world Yuri understood U.S. dollars is not the main way of currency.  He took all types of money according to the country he was doing business in.  He accepted six kilos of cocaine because I believe he was in Cuba doing business with a drug lord.  Yuri did have a knack for sales but he did face some problems doing business internationally.  He faced trade embargo’s where his weapons had to be checked or by some quick thinking and a small amount of bribery he got past them and in the end made the sale.  He knew his products he was selling and knew the international weapons customs such as when he had to change paperwork and the overall product itself to meet the standard.  One example of this was when he made the engineer do some quick modifications to the Russian helicopters by taking off all weapons attachments and claiming they were being sold as quick rescue response or medical aid.  He did face deals that became so clouded by the characteristics that the deal became in some cases violent. He even had to partly accept a bribe from doing good business from a warlord in Africa.  He accepted it until he got into the room with two women then denied it by kicking them out.  Another main problem Yuri faced was competing business.  Through his contacts and contracts he had doing business with some people they took care of his competing business by eliminating them all together.  Although Yuri was a corrupt salesmen he was very successful.

Crotching Tiger Hidden Dragon

In the movie everyone spoke politely and with well body expression.  The mother tried to explain to the mercenary that it is pretty embarrassing for one of the families to have something stolen from their own house.  Another example of a message that was delievered was from the female mercenary to the younger girl about to get married.  She displayed the importance that the thief will be caught soon with the male mercenary on the case and the murder brought to justice.  The female mercenary also gave a kind of body message by dropping the cup of tea and the younger girl caught it and put it right back in her hand.  As if she already knew they little girl was the thief but she did not speak out against her in front of anyone and probably only wanted to do it privately.  Another message that was displayed was the head master speaking to the mercenaries about the incident in private.  The male after listening to the talk took it in himself to find the killer and bring him/her to justice because it was a policemen.


Should MNCs protect shareholder value by restricting the placement of female employees in certain foreign countries? Discuss sexism in international business. Remember to post and respond to at least one blog that does not have any comments.

I believe in most critical situations mergers or transactions between companies to be very critical.  That being said any type of characteristic whether being emotional, psychological, and even physical can make or break a deal with another company.  I believe that a multinational corporation should be able to have the right to regulate the female presence among foreign countries in doing business.  Reasons for this is that no one country is exactly similar and their values are most likely not the same as the U.S. as the rights of sexist equality in the workplace.  Along with some foreign countries women are seen as less than equal so while doing business a MNC should know the culture of the country in order to allow the application of women.  Knowing the culture would save many businesses the hassle of failure in the transactions between companies.  For example in Japan, women are not concluded within a business transaction.  Only the men hold the high paying jobs and deal with the major decisions of a company, while yes women still hold jobs within the company women are lower then men.  Sexism is one of the major problems in business today.  Not only is it within our homeland business lives but in the lives of major companies trying to expand out in the world.  I do believe that MNC should have the power to protect the shareholders values and the transaction by in some situations not allowing women to be present in foreign deals.

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