Week 11 News Comment

November 3rd, 2021 | Uncategorized |

The article I read this week is about the sad, crazy situation with the Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs. Ruggs was in a car accident that left one person dead with Ruggs and his girlfriend sustaining non life threatening injuries. New details have come out that state Ruggs had a blood alcohol level nearly double the legal limit in Las Vegas and was driving speeds of up to 156 miles an hour. Ruggs has not been charged yet but is suspected to serve at least five years behind bars with a maximum of forty six. After paying his 150,000 dollar bail, Ruggs is due back in court on November 6th.

Though it was informational, this story’s lead was lengthy and could have easily been cut down a little bit. The lead mentions some of the more detailed information from the story that I believe the lead could do without. As for the organization of the story, I think it did well for what this story is. This story was about updates on the Ruggs case, so it started by talking about details of the case and then moved on to a recap of everything that happened. Though this does not exactly follow the inverted pyramid style, I and more than likely many of the other readers already know about this case, so it was nice to read the new information first and then get a reminder on older information.


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