News Comment Week 4

September 13th, 2021 | Uncategorized |

The story I picked talks about how the New Orleans Saints upset the Green Bay Packers in a dominate week one victory. With Hurricane Ida ravaging New Orleans, the Saints was forced to practice and play outside of their home facilities. Not only was it a great win for the Saints, but it was also a proving game for Jameis Winston who was starting his first game for the Saints. After being drafted first overall in 2015 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans is a chance for Winston to start over and show why he was picked first years ago.

I really liked this story because it had a good lead and it perfectly embodied the idea of the upside down pyramid. It started with the most important details of the game and why it was significant during Hurricane Ida, then trickled down into some of the lesser important details and stats. Even though the latter part of the story was less important, it still held my interest with unique stats and future information. This story is newsworthy because it is significant to anyone that is following the NFL or possibly even Hurricane Ida. Overall, I think this is a great story and there are minimal aspects I would change about it.

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