Chuck Todd

22 10 2015

The Waitt Lecture Series presented Chuck Todd, host of “Meet the Press” Tuesday night at Morningside College. With Epply auditorium’s lower level full, Todd took the stage and started by showing his personality by cracking a few jokes. The audience welcomed him with excitement and laugher.


Todd talked about his opinion of each political party and his personal view on Washington. “We are now in a political recession,” says Todd. Todd explained that our distrust in Washington and the default feeling of wanting change explains why we have candidates who have never wanted to run for office, not only are but are maintaining a top spot.


Change is the main goal of a lot of Americans. Todd explains that there is a sense of ‘I’m getting by but…’ among Americans. He also says that for the past five years many Americans feel as if their kids will not be better of then they are right now. “It’s no wonder that we are looking for unconventional.”


Todd also brought his political outlook on the possible candidates for each party. He started out by saying, “I have no idea who the republican candidate will be.” He goes on to explain how there is a large disconnect within the Republican Party, some of the issue being different economic opinion. He does predict that Marco Rubio has the best shot at bringing these two sides together.


“Trump is a good story,” Todd says. He in continually getting stronger and stronger in the polls. However, Todd says he does not believe that Trump has the organization to win Iowa in the Caucuses. Todd finished the Republican Party by saying, “If we don’t have clarity soon, we won’t have it for a while.”


The Democratic Party has a lot of different candidates but Hilary Clinton is one of the most popular candidates. Todd believes even though Joe Biden hasn’t announced whether or not he is running, is the most electable of the group.


Todd finishes by leaving the millennials a massage, “Its no secret Washington is a mess. We can’t fix this mess if we don’t all get involved.”



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