Couple Shoot

9 11 2015

Tragic End to a Backyard Wedding



Laurette Kenny Brunson, 38, ends her wedding day with a bullet wound in her abdomen from his missing husband, Richard Brunson, 50.


Mr. and Mrs. Brunson were married yesterday at 2 p.m. at there home. The night quickly took a heartbreaking turn.


“Richard Brunson, 50, shot his wife, Laurette Kenny Brunson, 38, with a .22-caliber handgun. The shooting occurred at 5 p.m. His whereabouts are still unknown.” Sargent Mann reports.


Walter Corse, neighbor recalls what happened that night. “I heard the sound of the shot, or at least I think I did. It was kind of a pop, pop, pop.”


Laurette is in satisfactory condition at St. Luke Hospital.



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