One word: Food

29 09 2015

Seeing that grocery sack and the Little Debbie’s snack boxes through the transparent plastic, brings me back to my mom coming home for the grocery school with supper and most importantly my snacks for school lunches. Taking the fall party cakes out of the box and hearing the thin plastic crinkle. While opening the package, your nose is instantly hit with the smell of cheap chocolate icing and childhood. Biting into the cake as the frosting flakes off the cake. The sugary frosting sends a sweet pain to the back of my mount and teeth. Looking at the cake there is condensation on the frosting that some could believe is spit between the pieces of fall colored sprinkles. Underneath the icing is two layers of cake separated by a fluffy white frosting. The cake itself felt like sponge cake and the white frosting reminded me of whip cream. The whole treat is a flashback to elementary cafeterias.



One response to “One word: Food”

5 10 2015
  fuglsang (21:33:26) :

“… the smell of cheap chocolate icing and childhood.” But as a child, all chocolate was good chocolate.

“Some could believe…” I don’t think I want to know them.

Good sensory details.

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