News Comment #8

14 10 2015

This weeks article is about the court case suing a gun seller, Badger Guns, for their negligence in a gun sale that happened in 2009. The gun sold in this case was used a few weeks later by a teenager in attempt to murder two local police officers.

The case is built around the idea that Badger guns knew that the person they are selling the gun to was not  buying the gun for himself. However the teenage boy that accompanied him and help pick out the gun.

This story has elements like human interest and is also related to a hot topic, gun control. Both of these news values are pretty good ways to pull in a reader.



One response to “News Comment #8”

18 10 2015
  fuglsang (19:59:09) :

Currency is definitely a news value. The possibility of suing gun sellers has been discussed, and Hillary is for it, but it’s unlikely. Can you tell me something about the way the story was written? Provide a link.

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