News Comment #6

30 09 2015

Kim Davis is still in the news after a few weeks. Her recent objection to gay marriage has caught the attention of the Pope on his visit to the Untied States.

The Vatican officials set up a secret meeting for the Pope and Davis and her husband to meet in the Vatican Embassy while the Pope was in the states.

The meeting was agreed to be kept a secret until the Pope left the United States, so his visit wasn’t focused on his meeting with the Davis’s.

The Pope believes that the right to expression religion is a right that should not be limited. If the right to religious expression is limited then all other rights should be limited. Otherwise, you are saying one right is more important the other.

The Pope was quoted telling Davis to, “Stay strong”.

This story has made national news because it hits a lot of news values. Some of these include human interest, prominence and it is definitely unique.



One response to “News Comment #6”

4 10 2015
  fuglsang (19:46:07) :

Been a lot of discussion of this meeting, and the Pope’s meeting with gay couple. Everyone is trying to spin it, and the Pope may not have even known who she is.

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