Patrick Blaine

8 10 2015

Morningside Professor sets off for a semester in Italy while putting a crazy life on hold.

Patrick Blaine, a Spanish Professor, who values international education is proud to be one of the professors’s selected to travel with Morningside students to Sicily, Italy. However, Blaine’s life here in the States isn’t dull.

Blaine started at Morningside six years ago and has enjoyed it ever since. The higher ups really work with him by giving him quite a bit of freedom when he asks for it. Blaine stays busy teaching spanish courses on campus, and still times find to be on the Study Aboard Committees, and Sustainability committee, as well as the faculty advisor for ISA (International Students Association), ODK (Omicron Delta Kappa), Film Club, Sustainability Club, and Spanish Club.

As if this wasn’t enough to keep Blaine’s plate full, he is also very involved in the community. Blaine serves on different committees and aids in planning community events. Blaine also has a very busy family life thats about to get busier. Blaine and his wife, Monica of thirteen years are expecting their first child. On top of this exciting news, Blaine and Monica just bought a house together and are working on remodeling the 102 year-old home.

Through all this hard work, Blaine still find time to enjoy interesting, sometimes, dangerous hobbies. “I work hard. I play hard.” Blaine explains. The sense of adventure boils in his blood and fills his soul. The urge to explore really heighten while studying abroad in Spain while as a student, continued to grow while working in Chile, and is just as present today.

When Blaine isn’t globe trotting on his many different adventures, he keeps his “free time” full with various  activities. Blaine prefers the dangerous side of life. “I really need those breaks, just to come down from the stress” says Blaine. Outdoors is where Blaine spends most of this time, either going on long distance motorcycle bike trips, camping, hiking, and different feats, like skydiving. Blaine is trying to accomplish all he can while his body is able and will adjust as he grows unfit for the physically demanding activities.

Even through Blaine busiest days he wouldn’t change his life for anything. “It never accrues to me to calm down by very busy schedule so I don’t do deadly outdoor activities to relax”.



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