Some might say oh whale, but to me, this is a disaster that can be stopped.

“The root cause of these stranded, plastic-filled whales is that plastic is cheap and easy to produce but almost impossible for nature to destroy. Chunks of plastic linger for decades, breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces” according to vox.

We are slowly killing our planet by producing materials that cannot be decomposed. The plant is dying and we are not doing anything to stop it. Whales are washing up dead because they have consumed so much plastic it is killing them. Dolphins are being suffocated and killed slowly and painfully by the plastic bags in the ocean.

We only have one planet and we need to take care of it. If we do not we will murder every living creature on this planet.

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  1. crstaff says:

    It is tragic, Anna. It’s hard to say what will be awful enough to get people’s attention.

    Consider the issue from a media perspective. What info is in this story? Is it the info that will get people’s attention? Is it in a edium that can make a difference?

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