About Me!!!

Hi, my name is Anna Uehling. I am from Nicollet Minnesota. However, I went to school in New Ulm. New Ulm is a very German town. I came to Morningside for the art program. I am a graphic design and advertising major. I am a junior and I live in the Garretson house on campus. I love nature and my cats. My cat is named Em, for eating machine. She is twenty – four pounds of fluffy love muffin. I enjoy golf, tennis, fishing, camping, and hiking. If you cant find me outside then you can find me at one of my two jobs. I work as a paid marketing intern for the Y. I also work at Kay Jewelers as a sales associate. I love both my jobs and work between ten to thirty hours a week. I am a busy person, but I love it. I love staying constantly moving and having a project to work on.