Describing a conversation

There was a three-way conversation I had right before class started. It was with two men who are best friends. The first guy is very, very tall and thin but, muscular thin, not sickly thin. He has brown hair and was wearing a dark grey hoody with the words cactus and jack written across the back. The second guy I was having this conversation with was wearing a light grey hoody with his hood up. He was also wearing a funky pair of socks. He is shorter than the first guy but still taller than me. He has funky, sand-colored hair that goes in all directions and facial hair in the same color.

We talked about whether or not to come to class and how going home sounded amazing. We were let out late of our first-class so it just seemed better to skip than show up late. We decided to go to class though. The conversation ended as we reach the library doors and Jerry was there holding the door for us.

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  1. crstaff says:

    I’ve read the other two sides of the conversation. It’s very similar all the way around.

    What does “funky” mean? Does it always mean the same thing? Will I understand it the way you said it?

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