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Drop the chicken and the beef

Many people have heard in recent years that if you wanna save the planet drop the beef. Well, now scientists are saying chicken could be just as bad. According to Vox, ” Its impact on the climate only looks benign when compared with beef. Greenhouse gas emissions per serving of poultry are 11 times higher than those for one serving of beans, so swapping beef with chicken is akin to swapping a Hummer with a Ford F-150, not a Prius.”

It is unrealistic to ask everyone to give up meat. Esciapially chicken, which is the American’s favorite meat. However, if you occasionally switch out a chicken or cow for a veggie that would be a good start. Two of my roommates have gone vegetarian for this exact reason and it seems like they are actually enjoying the process.

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  6. fuglsang says:

    Chicken is America’s favorite meat?

    A few million F-150s for Hummers sounds like a decent start.

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