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Sunday October 21st 2018



Hard Work is Paying Off


By Cassie Burnside–In May, more than 300 students will walk across the graduation stage at Morningside College.  Blake Schany, a three-year graduate will be one of them.

Instead of taking the “normal” route of graduating in four years, she completed everything in three.  In the fall, Schany will be attending dental school at the University of Iowa.  One major factor in this decision was the financial aspect.  Schany said, “Financially, it was a better decision and I still have up to six more years of school to do.”

Coming into college with 42 credits, it was a realistic possibility she could do this.  She also had to take summer classes:  Physics 1, 2, and Ecology.  Her course load during the school year was usually pretty heavy as well.  Schany said, “I know the courses were hard and sometimes I hated my life but if I had to do it over again, I would.  As a biology major, things were going to be hectic, but I would rather have had it hectic for three years opposed to four.”

Schany will graduate the day after she turns 21.  Typically, people graduate when they are 22 or even almost 23.  She will most likely be one of the youngest of her classmates.  Schany said, “It’s weird because dental school students don’t usually get in their first time so they are older.  If I were to graduate on time they would still probably be older than me.”

“I’ve made great friends at Morningside, and I would love to use the rest of my track eligibility, but with more schooling ahead of me, this is the best decision.”