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Article #1: Dimmitt Renovations

Article #2: Legalization of Marijuana

Article #3: Nebraska vs. Iowa Football Game


Article #2-


For years the possession of the commonly known drug, Marijuana could lead someone to a misdemeanor or in some cases a felony.


But in recent years the drug has now been legalized in 5 states including Alaska, Colorado, Washington D.C., Oregon, and Washington.


Many believe that the legalization of this drug is a bad idea but medical research has shown and is in the works to help prove the case that this drug is more than a leisure activity for people and can help cure common disease such as cancer or Alzheimer’s.


When talking to students on campus about how they felt about the legalization the results where about 50/50 each way.


(Clip of audio)


Legalization in all 50 states is still a work in progress. Will all 50 states start saying, “yes we cannabis?”


Article #1-


Last summer Morningside College’s largest residence hall had a $14 million facelift to restore historical aspects of the building and add some new touches to the building as well.


Many feel as though there could’ve have been more done to the hall that held a higher priority over some minor details done to the hall.


When talking with Assistant Director of Resident Life, Sheri Hineman she told us (audio saying: “I wish we could have renovated the bathrooms unfortunately in any project plumbing and bathroom fixtures are some of the higher cost items. Cost was the reason that they were not renovated this year.”)


The remodeling of each bathroom in the hall is a very timely and costly matter but over the next couple of years they are said to be remodeled but for now enjoy the 80’s themed marble bathrooms.




Article #3-


The classic college football rivalry began in 1891 between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Iowa Hawkeyes, and November 27th we see these two teams head to head once again.


With the Hawkeyes going 10-0 in their regular season and the Cornhuskers going 5-6 many believe that the Hawkeyes have this game in the bag. The cornhuskers showed they are not out the game quite yet with a 39-38 win over Michigan State who was ranked 4 at the time.


The Cornhuskers go into the game with 2 wins in a row under their belts, as the Hawkeyes still remain undefeated. When asked who would win the game (name) said this (audio).


If you are rooting for the Cornhuskers or the Hawkeyes you are in for a good game. Both teams are capable of great things and we will have to wait and see who comes out victorious.


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