Scavenger Hunt

September 21st, 2017 | Uncategorized |

The things I needed to get from people across campus were a favorite movie/TV Quote, and some pocket lint.  Both seemed they would be pretty easy for me, but this turned out to be a little harder in the end.

The Movie Quote was easy.  I approached a young lady sitting on the patio of the Library and simply asked, “I am working on a project for class and need to ask you a question, what is your favorite Movie or TV quote?”

Abby, the lady I met on the patio, responded without hesitation, “Napoleon Dynamite,” she said, “Eat the food Tina!”

Locating some pocket lint was a little more difficult.  I had to ask 4 different people if they had some pocket lint available.

My first stop was the assistance desk in Lewis Hall, but the person behind the counter said they had already been asked for pocket lint, by someone i presume, was in the same class as me.

After Lewis, I made a stop in the student government office to ask the Student Body President for some lint. “Why can’t you just take some out of your pockets?” Tony Patton, the student body president said, “How would your teacher even know it’s yours?”  Tony did not have any lint in his pockets though so I preceded to my next stop.

I sat down with some gentleman in Buck’s and asked them for some pocket lint.

“We can check,” said one of them, “but we are wearing basketball shorts so I doubt we have any.”

The search would continue as I walked up to some workers sitting in the back of their van.  I thought to myself, “Surely I can find some pocket lint with these guys, they’re all wearing jeans after all.”

Once again, It was more difficult then I presumed.  “This is weird,” said the youngest looking of the three, “You would think I had some.”

“Ope! Here we go!” said one, and  produced a mustard seed sized ball of lint.

“That’ll work,” I replied, then thanked them and continued with my day.

One Response to “Scavenger Hunt”

  1. I thought there was just one pocket lint.

    Nice chronologically. Process oriented. Mustard-seed sized ball is the standout phrase.

    I may have to talk to Anthony.