Jeremy Lin, Out of N.B.A. Options, Is Headed to China

Jeremy Lin has decided to leave the NBA to play in China for a more lucrative deal. He has signed with the Beijing Shougang Ducks and has stated that he is very excited to play in front of his Chinese fans. Jeremy Lin has always garnered many Asian and Asian-American fans. At 31 years of age he has left a mark on the NBA as one of the best modern day Asian-American players currently playing. He is an inspiration to people all over and will continue to be wherever he takes his talents.

This move shows a trend that has been occurring in the NBA. Lots of veteran players are deciding to make the move overseas for lucrative multi-year deals. They would rather make more money and have bigger roles than to make the league minimum. A good example of this is Stephan Marbuary. Once a middling NBA player, he decided to make the move overseas sometime ago. He is now considered a legendary Chinese player and has built an amazing brand over there.

Riley Collins, an Investigation

“Travis Scott is a god among men.” exclaimed Riley when he was asked about who he looked up to most. He said the first time he ever listened to his music he “transcended reality” and “hasn’t been the same since”. Riley may have been saying things this way to make a more entertaining story, but these statements show who he is as a person.

Riley Collins can turn a dull conversation, into a humorous and entertaining experience in an instant. He likes to play video games and listen to music. These simple questions were answered in a very entertaining and humorous way. Along with his hobbies, Riley is very passionate about sports as he is on the Morningside Football team.

Riley grew up in Sioux City and wanted to continue to contribute to the city by staying close for college while simultaneously saving money by doing so. As for what he wants to do in the future, he isn’t to sure yet.

In Andrew Luck’s Retirement, Football’s Consequences Weigh Heavily

The Indianapolis Colt’s star quarterback shocked the entire National Football League by retiring at the age of 29 a mere two weeks before the start of the season. A lot of people all around the league are wondering why a young Quarterback in his prime would retire so suddenly. Luck himself states that constant injuries were the deciding factor in this decision. Luck has suffered various painful injuries throughout his career which most likely took a huge mental toll on him.

Andrew Luck’s decision to retire is a show of the new trend of players choosing their health over millions of dollars. Andrew Luck left over 127 million dollars on the table by retiring before his five year contract was up. His most recent injury, a lingering calf injury, was the final straw for him. Surgeries and rehab were “miserable” for him. He promised himself he would never put himself through that sort of process again.

So will this continue to be a trend? Players may well decide that leaving for the good of their current and future health is worth more than the huge salary they receive. I believe that NFL players need to take notice of Luck’s decision. The potential dangers of the sport should be taken into account. Overall, I think that this is a sign of things to come.