Wiener House Rivals

Milwaukee Wiener House vs. Connie Island
I have faced many competitors on the wrestling mat. I can respect a good rivalry, and it can be seen off the mat too. The Milwaukee Wiener House and Connie Island have carried on the great tradition of hotdog making in America. Although they both share the same love for the food that they make it has become a rivalry between to two in Sioux City. Each claims to have better hotdogs than the other. To resolute this controversy our class has decided to travel to each of these restaurants and determine which we like more.
We started our food battle at the Milwaukee Wiener house on Pearl Street. I decided to order the same meal from each restaurant which was two hotdogs one with chili and mustard and the other plain. This would be rinsed down with a Coke. Many of the other classmates decided to try the milkshakes and were very fond of them. The dog was great. It was easy to eat and I enjoyed the simplicity of the meal. The environment was quite enjoyable seeing all of the older generations come in as customers. I feel like this is a place where you could easily find an old veteran and sit down and listen to his story while eating a good old fashion hot dog. My instructor also included that it would be a great place to bring a large group or even a large group of kids. It is a simple menu for them to order from and is quick and easy food to make. The only downfall is that the restaurants building will be torn down and relocated.
Comparing my previous meal at the wiener house to the opponent “Connie Island” reveal that they share many common characteristics. Connie Island has a long family history and has been passed down to carry on its traditions for many years. Walking into the restaurant you will immediately see that they are a patriotic crew with a variety of patriotic icons. When purchasing my meal I decided against my previous rules and ordered a cheeseburger along with my hotdog with chili and mustard. The difference between the two dogs is that Connie Island has a slightly thicker hot dog. I enjoyed the patriotic environment along with the old couple’s humor behind the counter. Although I enjoyed my Connie dog the cheeseburger didn’t go down quite as well. I guess what I learned from that experience is not to order a cheeseburger from a hotdog joint.
The two restaurants fought hard and I enjoyed my visit to both of them. The had a lot of similarities, and each shared some flaws. But just like a wrestling match there can be no tie. The winner over the wieners would have to be Connie Island. It was a hard decision seeing that they both provided good food and a fun place to eat, but I give Connie Island the blue ribbon seeing that there building will still be standing in the near future. Although I have chosen The Connie it doesn’t rule out that there are other classmates that have chosen the Milwaukee Wiener House. In the end it is up for you to decide.