Day: October 31, 2019

Turkish Invasion

New Vox Article “Why Turkey is Invading Syria” is a brief summary written by, reporters,  Danush Parvaneh, Sam Ellis, Rajaa Elidrissi, and Melissa Hirsch. Turkey has been planning to take Northern Syria as a “safe zone.” In the ongoing Syrian war, Turkey wants this land as a buffer zone in the war. On October 6th, 2019, President Trump pulled troops out of Northern Syria so Turkey could move in. Turkey attacked 3 days later.

The article was clearly written, but rather short. The reporters packed most of the information in a few short paragraphs. In order to get details, you had to watch the video attached to the article. The reporters intended audience was those in the surrounding areas mentioned in the story, but it was also for those who were unaware of this occurrence.

National Geographic Fact

Want to “enjoy the view” even after death? Move quickly, because spots are limited at this historic Chicago cemetery.

The Woodlawn Cemetery in Chicago is one of the top 7 cemeteries in the world, according to National Geographic. 

This 400 acre cemetery is equipped with over 9 different sections.The Brookside Cremation garden, Woolworth Chapel, and many others. Each has their own unique qualities. Stone waterfalls and 50 foot oak trees are just a few of the attractions that make this place so luxurious.

Spots go fast, but to sign up is so easy. Simply go to the Woodlawn and Make arrangements. Options range from a single burial to estate, if generations after would like to be buried alongside you. 

Burial here comes with a price, but your headstone will forever be complemented with the incredible views this cemetery offers. 

Couple Shoot

Yesterday, A wedding turned red after husband shot his wife.

Richard Brunson, 50, is on the run after he shot his newlywed wife with a 22 calibre handgun at 5pm. Richard and Laurette Brunson married at 2 pm, just before the shooting. The ceremony took place at the house the couple had been living in together. 

According to officials, Mr. Brunson shot his wife after she threw a plate of macaroni salad on him at the wedding reception. 

There were over 30 family members, including Mrs. Brunson’s children, who attended the wedding.

We were able to talk to some of the family members once we arrived on scene.
According to Martin, relation unknown


We also spoke to a female, relation also unknown, her response made it evident that she was more focussed on the children


Brunson is still yet to be found. However, if you see a man without shoes or a shirt around the area of 617 Black street. Please call the authorities. 

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