Turkish Invasion

New Vox Article “Why Turkey is Invading Syria” is a brief summary written by, reporters,  Danush Parvaneh, Sam Ellis, Rajaa Elidrissi, and Melissa Hirsch. Turkey has been planning to take Northern Syria as a “safe zone.” In the ongoing Syrian war, Turkey wants this land as a buffer zone in the war. On October 6th, 2019, President Trump pulled troops out of Northern Syria so Turkey could move in. Turkey attacked 3 days later.

The article was clearly written, but rather short. The reporters packed most of the information in a few short paragraphs. In order to get details, you had to watch the video attached to the article. The reporters intended audience was those in the surrounding areas mentioned in the story, but it was also for those who were unaware of this occurrence.

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  1. fuglsang

    The video is almost 10 minutes so that’s where you’re getting the detail. I doubt Vox is writing stories for Syrians and Lebanese. This is a story for Americans, probably younger Americans since it’s from Vox, who want to know what all the Middle East fuss is about.

    This may be an ongoing feature called Today Esplained. Probably helpful.

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