California Fires Comparison

Earlier today a fire broke out in Southern California

When comparing two different stories, a CNN article “A brush fire in Southern California exploded to over 3,000 acres in just a few hours” and a local California new station broadcast “A brush fire in Southern California exploded to over 3,000 acres in just a few hours,” they were not very similar.

The broadcast was a live update via helicopter flying over the fire. The broadcast was not well organized it was mostly for emergency information for people of that area. The newscasters focussed in on burning structures, live flames, and water dropping helicopters flying through the air. The whole broadcast was live feed of the fire with the broadcasters commentating in the background.

The article focussed more on the multitude of the fire and a pet organization who had to evactuate their facility. The article contained a lead, unlike the broadcast. The article also focussed on wind speeds and the reasoning behind the fast spreading fire.

The similarities between the two was they both were about the Southern California fire. Both the article and broadcasters had a similar quote, which was that “in just a few hours has burned about 3700 acres.” They both used visuals, video and pictures.

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  1. fuglsang

    Yes, TV broadcasts are immediate — how to get help — and use the dramatic scenes for reporter standup. You don’t get much more dramatic than a helicopter.

    ABC and CNN are both broadcst outlets, so they will have access to video. They can use it in a variety of ways on their websites.

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