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Salvation: Purpose&Audience

Filed under: Uncategorized — Taylor at 4:21 pm on Friday, August 26, 2011

1. I think that Hughes wrote “Salvation” because it was an experience in his childhood that stuck with him. It was an important part of his life because his beliefs changed because of the event that took place. I don’t think his point was to criticize his aunt or other people in the congregation, I believe he was just telling us a part in his life that means something to him. In my opinion he was explaining something about childhood and the difference between age groups. One passage sticks out to me it’s the point that only the two boys are left and Westley, one of the boys left, says “God Damn! I’m tired o’ sitting here. Let’s get up and be saved.” The makes me think he was also getting across the point of what children think of the things adults tell them to do.

2. Hughes assumes that we as readers don’t know everything about the service he is describing, therefore he describes it in good detail to help you see what he was seeing. Details like sounds and what people are doing while participating in this service help me get a picture of what is going on. The dialogue also helps me get a good idea of how things are played out.

3. Anyone would feel pressure sitting up front listening to everyone shouting and singing at you, so the way Hughes describes his experience of this really helps you feel what he is feeling. One passage stood out and really helped me understand the pressure that he was feeling, when he was describing Westley sitting on the platform swinging his legs like he had done nothing wrong. I’m sure Hughes then felt an extreme amount of pressure being the only one sitting on the bench up front with everyone shouting and singing at him, so he did the only thing he thought he could. He got up.