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Pitbull Perception Problem

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I read a couple different articles this week and this is one that really irks me. The article is about how pit bull’s have a bad reputation because of the dog fighting. There are people being turned down in Maryland for renting a place because they have pit bull’s all because some person didn’t take care of their dog properly and it ended up getting out and hurting people. This isn’t a breed problem; it’s an owner problem. A court actually ruled pit bull’s specifically to be “inherently dangerous.” Thankfully there are people doing something about it. According to the article the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) is trying to explain that it’s not the breed that is the problem. People are getting the information wrong and blowing it all out of proportion.

The reason this annoys me so much is that my best friend’s family has had pit bull’s for a long time, the oldest one has been in our lives since we were 4 years old and we’ve never had a problem. I can remember times when we were walking this dog and other people walking would move across the street, that isn’t fair at all. To assume just because it was a pit bull that it would attack, let’s not consider that too young girls were walking the dog and completely fine. It’s an unfair accusation due to people being ignorant. This is an important article because people need to be educated on the truth.

3rd stories

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Every dancers nightmare is the argument that starts with “dance isn’t a sport.” It’s an argument that has been brought up many times and while the facts prove dance should be a sport and yet Iowa doesn’t recognize it as one.  (Kari McLeod’s quote) The definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another. Dance definitely fits in that category. Most dancers practice daily and have competitions against other dancers. These competitions are judged and awarded places on a points system. Doesn’t it sound like a sport to you?


In the workplace skill and work ethic should be the basis for your employment. In recent years tattoos have been a big deciding factor for getting hired or not. Why should this say anything about your skill or work ethic? A tattoo doesn’t define how you work. (Tyler Loeslein’s quote) Although many places are letting up on their rules on tattoos, there are still places discriminating against them. The simple fact is that 36% of 18-25 year olds and 40% of 26-40 year olds have at least one tattoo. That is a big majority of who is working or looking for work.


Cold and flu season is upon us and one of the worst places to be is school. Whether it’s elementary, high school or college, being all packed together is the best place for germs to spread. Have no fear; there are ways of preventing yourself from getting sick. Obviously we have all heard “wash your hands!” from every adult since the time we were children, but what else can help in prevention? One of the best ways to decrease your chance of getting sick is to eat healthy. Making the right food choices can help your immune system. Another immune booster is exercise; it is a fact that active people are sick less. Drinking juices that come from citrus fruits like orange juice is a great and easy way to help keep you healthy. (Cat) So if you want to avoid being sick this year try taking some of these precautions. Stay healthy!

Nanny charged with murder

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A nanny in New York was charged with murder on Saturday after two children were found stabbed in a bathtub in Manhattan. 50 year old Yoselyn Ortega was charged with first and second degree murder. Ortega was recovering at Weill Cornell Medical from wounds that are believed to be self-inflicted. The mother, Marina Krim, had left the two children, Lucia and Leo, with the nanny and was supposed to meet her at 5:30 after taking her 3 year old to swim lessons, but Ortega never showed. So Krim went home and found the two children in the bathtub.


I think this is an important piece of news because parents really need to know who is watching their children. Would you leave just anyone to care for your kids? I really think anyone who wants to watch children needs to be background checked and interviewed. For children to be killed by a nanny is horrible and that the mother had to find them in the bathroom and then find their killer stabbing herself with a kitchen knife is truly traumatic. That’s why parents should be extra protective about who they leave their children with.


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