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“We’re all damaged in our own way. Nobody’s perfect. I think we are all somewhat screwy, every single one of us.” -Johnny Depp

The Eating of a Big Star Bar

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It doesn’t matter if you are 7, 19, 34 or 67 if someone hands you ice cream than you are excited. Tearing into an ice cream wrapper is like opening presents on Christmas morning, it is not a graceful movement. It is more animal than human, your instincts kick in and that wrapper is standing between you and your sweet tooth. Once you get the wrapper off you pause before you take a bite to take in what you are about to devour. A Big Star Bar is vanilla ice cream concealed by a covering of milk chocolate. If it has been out of the freezer for more than a few seconds, you can generally start seeing beads of condensation dripping down the chocolate. Now it is time to take your first pleasurable bite. You sink your teeth into this delicious morsel and your senses are overwhelmed. The first thing that reaches your senses is the crunch of the chocolate, the chocolate is cold and sweet. The next part is my favorite, the vanilla. After you get through the chocolate you start tasting the vanilla; it is silky, smooth on your tongue. Obviously it melts in your mouth, but with it being vanilla ice cream it makes it that much better. Each bite is better than the last. Once you get to the end of your delectable morsel you realize that you have eaten it way faster than you planned. The last bite is savored, like it’s the last bite of ice cream you will ever take. Finally, your Big Star Bar is gone and sorrow overcomes you.

Colorado shooting victims vs. relief charity

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The families of the victims in the shooting that happened in Aurora, Colorado are accusing the relief charity who promised to help them of not listening to what they want and not giving them what they promised. The shooting happened in a midnight premier of Dark Knight Rises and 12 were killed and left 20 injured. The relatives of these people were promised money from charity for them and have apparently not gotten all they thought they should. They are saying now that some of the family members should be on the committee to help them get their voices in.

It seems to me like higher authority is taking advantage of this tragedy for their own gain and that is crossing a line.