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“Democratic debate 2015: Hillary Clinton’s big night on the debate stage”

This past week was the Democratic debate held in Las Vegas, NV.  Hillary Clinton was showing a strong powerful position when answering question about why she thinks she is the best candidate for president.  By showing the passion in herself in promising change to the future of America and what the people want to hear about for these changes to happen.

Anything revolving around the presidential elections is very newsworthy at this time including the national Democratic debate.  After reading this article it is clear that the audience is the entire nation.  While looking at the lead it I found it to be very effective in drawing the attention into the story.  After finishing this story I found not much to be missing as it did only point out that of what Hillary Clinton achieved during the debate.  So in this case I would have not done anything different to this story.


“Lionel Messi: Barcelona vow to fight tax fraud charge”

World known footballer (soccer player) Lionel Messi has been charged with tax fraud of 4 million euros.  Along with his father.

The FC Barcelona club believe that the Spanish tax authorities maybe targeting the club, because this is not the first time that the tax authorities have tried to come after a club’s player.  Last year there was a similar event when the club decided to sign Brazilian Neymar.  Neymar was formally accused of evading 14.1 million euros in taxes, which the club paid off.

FC Barcelona are standing in support of Messi and his father during this time.  Along with assistance with legal, fiscal and administrative aspects.

After reading this article I found it to be newsworthy mostly, because the audience are fans of football (soccer), or the Barcelona team, or even Messi himself.  While looking at the lead it immediately drew my attention to the story, and wanted me to read further into the story.  I believe that nothing is missing from this story as it is still new to the world and in the early steps of a trail for tax fraud, and nothing has been decided yet.  So in this case I would not change anything about the story until the trial is in process.


“YouTube’s Young Viewers Are Becoming Its Creators”

In this article it talked about how the generation is tending to gravity more towards YouTube for entertainment along with educational programs compared to that of the traditional programing of television today.  In case YouTube had launched an app called YouTube Kids where the user-controls are programed for children and not allowing them to go and reach into the depth of the darkness that YouTube has for its older account users.  Because at the age of 13 one can create an account to YouTube and finally upload videos to the site.  While they then become the new creators on the site.

A typical person would say that this article is not newsworthy, but for people who live their lives on the internet would say that this article is newsworthy.  The reason for the people who live on the internet or on YouTube to mention in article is, because they are the articles’ audience.  After reading the story I found the lead was not effective for the story.

I found a lot of information missing from the article that I would change personally.  Especially how this younger generation of YouTube viewers are becoming its most popular creators with their videos that they upload.  By going through the process of one young person view on how they have gained success and are now considered popular on the site instead of point of view from one of YouTube’s creators that is popular in the gaming side on YouTube who is already in his 20’s.  But from someone younger who slowly gained their success by other than gaming videos.


“Total lunar eclipse to meet ‘supermoon’ “

This past Sunday the night sky had a rare occurrence of both the a lunar eclipse and also the occurrence of a super moon, which is when the moon is in the closest position to the earth making the appearance of the moon to be bigger than normal.

While looking at this story I found it to be newsworthy, because the world was looking towards the sky in wonder at this experience in awe.  Also reading this article it focuses on the entire world being its audience.  It draws people into the story, because of this article having a good lead which is also the headline.

After reading this article I found nothing to be missing from the article.  And I would not change anything about the article.


“Thousands held at Civil War prison finally get reverent funeral”

On Saturday a funeral was held for the 13,000 at a national cemetery in southwest Georgia.  This mass funeral was for those soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War.  The funeral consisted of a simple wooden empty casket with an American flag on top of it.

Looking at this story I believe that it is newsworthy, because it honors those whom have lost their lives fighting in the Civil War and they are finally getting recognized for their duty in the war.  While reading over this article it is clear that the audience is those who have had family that served in the Civil War and those who take an interest in American history along with people whom have/had family that have served for the military.  While even looking at the lead it is very effective and tells the entirety of the story.  Which brings in that nothing from the article is missing.  With that I would not change anything about the article.


“Leading Australians speak out about domestic violence”

This story focuses on the issue of domestic violence that is happening in Australia at the moment.  In the past week there have been three recorded deaths due to domestic violence.  Some have even taken place in public settings.  High-profiled people of Australia including sportsmen and the Queensland premier have spoken to wanting an end of this issue and wanting it to be addressed with more people of the country.

I feel this story is newsworthy, because the United States had recently had the same issue of domestic violence a year ago.  Yet, all the media did was tell people that the issue was horrible and that it needed to end, but the message did not get across very well, because the campaign was only on one station which happened to be the sports networks where the story originated from and then soon stopped after a few months.

While the audience of this story is directed towards those of Queensland and the rest of the country of Australia.  It gives a strong opening lead to drive others into reading this story.  After viewing the article the only thing I would find that is missing is where and how the leaders of the region plan on trying to put an end to domestic violence.  Along with information where people can get help if they are being domestically abused.  That is what if I were to write this story would have included within this article.


“New Apple TV Is Said to Focus on Games, Challenging Traditional Consoles”

This article focuses on the prediction of Apple to re-amp their device called Apple TV.  It is said that the company wants to project their focus onto bringing gaming into the mix of this device and try and compete with gaming companies.  With trying to bring people together in family rooms across the country with this new addition to Apple TV.  By having the price be more than a regular Apple TV and less than gaming systems.  I believe that this story is newsworthy through the technology side of news.

It is, because most people in the world are becoming more tech savvy today and are wanting new ways of entertainment including gaming which Apple TV wants to compete with and want to do.  This story stretches to the audience of all gamers and technology people who want the new products in their lives.  While this story is very effective it does not fully bring people to want this product giving that it is cheaper than gaming console systems, it still does not prove to have the graphic design and well done visual effects that gamers now have with their consoles.

Which may lead to this product not having a very success rate than Apple may predict for this product.  Yet overall in this article it shows the nonobjective side of helping Apple announce this new product and wanting to get it known to the public before it does come out.  Which can in turn hurt the product of the new Apple TV with what people who play video games see it as and not want to even try this product out.



  1. Princewill

    Domestic violence should never be the norm!

    Big names, from sports heroes to the Queensland premier, are stepping up, saying enough is enough. They’re not just talking the talk; they’re demanding action and a change in the status quo. It’s about time we all stand up and address this issue head-on.

  2. Princewill

    About Apple TV news.

    For tech geeks, this is the scoop of the day. Apple’s ready to shake things up, and we’re all ears for the tech revolution.

  3. Princewill

    Regarding the YouTube article.

    Seems like YouTube is becoming the go-to spot for both fun and learning. The shift from TV to YouTube makes sense, especially with the rise of YouTube Kids. It’s like a safe zone for the little ones, preventing them from stumbling into the wild side of regular YouTube.

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