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Month: November 2015

Broadcast News Stories

It’s clear to see that the media is entering a new generation, but how does this generation feel as they are coming closer to entering the media coverage world.  We talked to Jenni Beaver about her view on the subject.


As elections for the next president come up.  Carson and Clinton are aspecting to tie in a head-to-head match up for the Democratic and Republican seat position in the next up coming presidential election.  Pete Iverson a professor at Morningside College had more to say about the topic.


Fans from across the world are in joy as the New Zealand rugby team went to Twickenham, London, England to compete in the Rugby World Cup 2015 final.  New Zealand went and played a fair challenging game, and ended up winning against Australia thirty-four to seventeen on October 31, 2015. A rugby sports fan had this to say about their victory.

Genome mystery in jellyfish

See through jellyfish?

Sister to that of a normal jellyfish.  Comb jellies are somewhat different in their nervous systems.  In the form of lack of genes.  Over time these genes have gone away one which makes this jellyfish see through.

After 500 million years ago splitting away from animals these type of jellyfish have formed.  Yet they lack many common genes than that of a typical jellyfish.  One of which is not having the gene of ctenophores that cover the organism.  Which gives jellyfish the effect of looking like tiny disco balls.

Leonid Moroz of University of Florida in St. Augustine says this about this newly found type of comb jellyfish, “They are aliens who’ve come to Earth.”  Whether these newly found creatures are aliens are not is up to speculation.  The lack of many common genes in jellyfish tend to have this species of comb jellies up to research.

Source from: Nature magazine  issue May 22, 2014

Couple Shooting

There was a shooting yesterday at 617 Black Street in Sioux City, Iowa.

The shooting happened at five p.m. yesterday.  When Richard Brunson was arguing with his newly wedded wife, Laurette Brunson.  He then shot his wife with a .22- calibre handgun in the abdomen.

The couple have been living together for five months before they were married.  A neighbor called police when the gun shot went off.  Neighbor Walter Corse had this to say, “I heard the sound of the shot or I think did.  It kinda was a pop, pop, pop.  And then the son came out yellin’.  ‘She’s been shot and can’t breathe.'”

Richard was gone by the time helped arrived.  Laurette was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital were she is in satisfactory condition.

Sargent Mann gave us an update on this story.  “Richard Brunson, 50, shot his wife Laurette Kenny Brunson, 38, with a .22- calibre handgun.  The shooting occurred at 5 p.m. it happened after she threw a plate of wedding reception macaroni salad at him.  His whereabouts are still unknown.”

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