From around the world to a professor at Morningside Dr. Patrick Blaine gets his thrill from his world travel adventures.

On Tuesday the Journalism class had a guest come into the classroom.  His name is Dr. Patrick Blaine he has been a language professor specializing in Spanish at Morningside for the past six years.  With Blaine being an expert in not just two language, but five makes his language skills very well for being bilingual.

This also encourages Patrick to be involved with the study abroad programs at Morningside, which includes being an advisor to the ISA program on campus.

Last year one of the programs he was in charge of was a May term trip to Vietnam.  And this spring he is also in charge of the semester in Italy program.  Patrick does these study abroad programs, because he values international education.

This is, because he loves living abroad and learning new things from different countries.  Especially since when Blaine was in college he took a study abroad trip to live in Spain.  He instantly feel in love with the culture of the Spanish and the Latinos.

It was after college that Blaine decided to move down to Chile for a year to experience more of Latin America.  During this time Blaine also traveled on a two week horseback hike through the mountains to Argentina.  Along with meeting his wife, Monica, whom he has been with for the past fifteen years.  They also are expected a child on the way to be due on February 15th, 2016.  Since being together he has had a craving to travel to Colombia with her to experience the culture of Latin America once again.

Traveling across Latin America’s countries soon and many more times to come.