Marcus Mackey Anecdote

Marcus Mackey uses the word “tolerant” to describe himself. When it comes to why he chose this word, it has to do with a person in a friend group who brought even the most tolerant to their breaking point.

Mackey met this person his freshman year through his roommate and friend. For the rest of freshman and even into his sophomore year, they socialized and were even in the same friend group, but they themselves weren’t the most friendly.

This person would constantly be complaining, whining, and blaming others for things he wanted done, but got angry when they wouldn’t go his way. One such story has to do with a reason Marcus can’t remember because it was “something stupid”. This person created a problem and then started to blame the incident on the people in his supposed ‘friend group’. He even continued to complain and blame long after the conclusion of the incident.

The only reason Mackey put up with this person for so long and without too much complaint was because his friend was a mutual friend with this person and he didn’t want to cause trouble within their group, hence being “tolerant”.



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    This is being a bit coy, Sondra. I can see why Marcus (and you) may not want to use a name, and why you use “friend group,” but it does lead to vagueness.

    I’m also curious where the relationship stands now. I get the impression Marcus doesn’t associate with the person any more, but I would like to know for sure.

    fuglsang - December 5th, 2017 at 8:00 am

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