Steven Cuton (Mostly Fake) Interview

Sondra Thoreson, (###) ###-####,

Small Town Man Chosen For Big Role                 August 40, 3045

Steven Cuton has been chosen as Willy Loman, the starring role in Morningside College’s telling of Death of a Salesman.

Those who knew Cuton before college might be surprised at this information, but Cuton only started acting his freshman year at Morningside. From small town Colo, IA to a big time role, Cuton is making his way in the acting industry.

His inspiration comes from his father who, Cuton says, acted when he was younger and encouraged his son to do it. Cuton was also encouraged by his friends in the acting community to start embracing the acting bug.

Steven Cuton auditioned for the role because he “felt Willy’s personality matched my own”. From this role he hopes to get good experience.



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    Since there was no reason to change names: Steven’s last name is Cutler.

    The second graf coud make a good lede. Either way, you need to make Steven’s connection to Colo clearer. Most papers include the year of graduation, and maybe even parents’ names if they still live in the area.

    Start embracing = embrace.

    fuglsang - December 6th, 2017 at 9:12 am

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