Diamond Thai Cuisine

Curry and rice

Curry and rice

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Diamond Thai Cuisine is a small family owned and operated restaurant that has been around for well over six years. It is owned by Pete Utthachoo who is a great guy with a good sense of humor. According to the Sioux City Journal, every single dish has been taste-tested and approved by his Thai mother. Approaching this restaurant it definitely looked like a whole in the wall type of place. It had no real parking and the building itself is easily overlooked. The interior restaurant looked bright and fairly clean. The walls were covered with far-east decorations and paintings.

The staff immediately greeted us and set up a place for us to eat. The menu contained a large array of traditional Thai dishes. There were noodle dishes, soups and others dishes I can’t even put a name on. What I think is really good is the curry. I have never had a bad curry at this place. I opted to order the yellow curry with a side of jasmine rice. To try something really out of the ordinary for me, I ordered the Thai spicy beef jerky as an appetizer. I honestly ordered this because it just seemed odd to me.

The appetizers came out fairly quickly. The Thai spicy beef jerky did not fail in being unique. I’m still not sure what to make of this dish. The flavors were extremely odd. Was it beef jerky? Yes. Was it spicy? Yes. I got exactly what I ordered, but it was just weird. The rest of the meal more than made up for the appetizer. The yellow curry arrived piping hot. It contained carrots, onions, potatoes and my choice of meat. I may be biased because I came to into this review knowing that I love this curry. It was extremely good. It was extremely spicy, which was exactly how I ordered it. I like it when Thai curry has a serious kick to it. This is not to say that the spice was overpowering. They somehow find a way to make the curry strongly spicy, but still have all the smaller flavors come through. It was rich and creamy with a background hint of coconut. The vegetables were cooked perfectly, but to me they only served as a medium to present the curry on. This is just because I like the curry flavor so much. The jasmine rice was delicious. I’m unsure how jasmine rice is made, but it’s my favorite type of rice. I could easily make an entire meal out of it. I mixed this rice with the curry and it resulted in a delicious and filling meal.

Diamond Thai Cuisine is a quality small-scale restaurant. They are welcoming to all ages and even had several children in the restaurant while our group was there. They are fairly priced and nothing on the menu is expensive. A good meal hear costs seven to ten dollars. I recommend Diamond Thai Cuisine to everyone. It has great flavors and won’t cost you too much.