Bob Roe’s Point After

For our first visit, we went to Bob Roe’s Point after. This establishment can be thought of as a family friendly sports bar that is frequented by both locals and the college crowd (both local and not). They are most well-known for their pizza and hot wings. Once a week the wings are sold at a discount price and the place is packed. Outside of wings Wednesdays, Bob Roe’s has average business and you can expect to be seated in a timely manner.

When arriving at Bob Roe’s I noticed that it has the appearance of your average sports bar. Its decorated with local sports memorabilia and plays sports TV all the time. One major thing I noticed was how quiet it was. There was no music or Sportscenter playing. It was just calm and quiet. This could be because it was only eleven in the morning. The restaurant clearly used to be a smoking establishment because the ceiling was stained and there was an old smoke filter built into the ceiling. I cared very little about this because I was going to a bar for lunch. I wasn’t expecting some fancy atmosphere with jazz music.

The menu includes all your average bar foods with a few nicer entrees for dinner. I already knew that the wings and pizza were great so I chose to venture elsewhere in the menu. The special of the day was a steak sandwich with fries. I opted to order that with an iced tea to drink. The iced tea was very satisfying on such a hot day. The entrée came out in an acceptable amount of time considering there were twenty of us ordering. I was quite surprised at what I received. What I received I suppose could be considered a sandwich, but it is definitely not what I would call a sandwich. It was a ball of steak on top of a piece of Texas toast. I ordered my steak medium rare and it came out a bleeding rare. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because I would take rare to overcooked steak any day of the week. The steak was okay and the fries were tasty. Hey! It was a seven dollar steak. I couldn’t expect fillet mignon.



Long story short, I would probably stick to the wings or pizza next time. I paid seven dollars and I got a healthy sized steak and fries. No complaints there. I just like their wings and pizza better. I love this place for the past times just as much as I love it for the actual food. I have many happy memories of spending an evening here and procrastinating. It’s so easy for me to act like the outside world doesn’t exist when at Bob Roe’s.  When going to Bob Roe’s expect to spend eight to twelve dollars per person. If it’s wings Wednesday, you’ll spend a little less and get a lot messier.